Welcome to DEEP.



What is your life’s purpose?

Are you fully living it in your work?

 Which parts of your shadow get in the way?

How deep are you willing to go to resolve them?

Who will you be between now and your death?


Your hero's journey.


Four-day, three-night intensive program.



Maui, HI  •  October 2-5, 2019

A small, select group of highly motivated and successful people have been invited to take part in DEEP: a four-day, three-night journey of transformation and self exploration designed to develop unusually powerful leadership and life presence.

Notable program elements include:

  • A carefully crafted agenda that mirrors the steps of The Hero’s Journey - the call to adventure, the descent, the ordeal, and the return

  • Activities and experiences based in behavioral science and neuroscience to cultivate self-realization and psychological healing

  • A highly trained facilitation team of Evolution Coaches (Matt Auron, Janet Logothetti, Luke EntrupDan McKee, Jody Radtke, and Roth Herrlinger) with decades of experience working with motivated and successful entrepreneurs

  • Leaving of names, titles, personas and images in the outside world and taking solace in being away from the identity you carry in your life

  • Full digital detox - including phones and other media

  • Nourishing organic foods

  • Sacred spaces to nurture the process

  • One pre- and one post- coaching session to integrate the experience into your life

  • Continuous engagement for community support and connection with your fellow attendees

For more information, please contact us to set up a call.



A deeply humanizing experience and transformational for me in seeing how I’ve lived to this point and how I want to live moving forward.
— Brian Garrett, Crosscut
What I found was an incredibly transformational experience that took me through a journey of “deep” reflection and introspection, coupled with self-care while surrounded by lush nature. Our coaches/guides were experienced, thoughtful and encouraging... I returned with profound personal insights and the tools to live and lead with courage and true purpose.
— Brandee Barker, Founding Partner + Advisor, Pramana Collective
The learnings, impact, and application of my newfound truths are myriad and far-reaching — I am absolutely a better version of myself as a result of this experience. I wholeheartedly recommend DEEP to anyone who recognizes that to effectively lead others, you must first know (or learn) how to “lead yourself”. You owe it to yourself and your relationships with the world to make this valuable investment. DEEP was nothing short of life-changing and transformational in the truest sense of those powerful words.
— N. Stokes